Three years down, and JUSTICE to go!

The Pictures

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Justice League run during the Bay to Breakers! I'm still working on getting the rest of the site built out with the interactive components. But for now, here are the pictures...

Justice League 2000

Role Call

Representing the Greatest Heroes Known to Humanity on Sunday, May 21st, 2000 were:

The Shoveler The Bowler
Robin, the Boy Wonder The Flash
Gleek, the Space Monkey Batman(1)
The Incredible Hulk 102nd Dalmation (aka Cowgirl)(1)

(1) didn't actually run, but was there in uniform.

Check out the role call!

You can check out all the raw image files if you want to see the all the pictures fro the run. These are straight from the camera, not processed or gimp-ed or photoshop-ed in any way. All Natural!!

We suspect there were some dasterdly planning afoot, in that GreenLantern, Invisible Woman, and Superman, were ALL OUT OF TOWN! If that isn't coincidence enough: Aquaman, Jena the Wonder Twin, and Wonderman were waylaid in the process of meeting up! I suspect the work of EVIL!

Past Glory

Next Year

Start training now... you'll thank yourself in May. Let me know if you are interesting in running.


Ok, by now, probably everyone has seen this. However, I found a way to make it available. Here are some mirror sites for the Cartoon Network parody:

Wassup Site One
Wassup Site Two

The Flash
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